Learn to Read Between the Lines

Studying English and American literature with us will enrich you as you enjoy some of the most beautiful and thought-provoking literature ever written and gain critical perspectives on contemporary culture. Your studies will also develop and strengthen the important skills of critical thinking, analysis, and writing – all increasingly vital in today’s workplace.

In addition to its regular tracks, the Literature Division of the Department of English Literature & Linguistics sponsors special programs: The Shaindy Rudoff Graduate Program in Creative Writing, offering concentrations in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, and the MA in English Literature with a focus on literary translation.

About the Program in English and American Literature

Our outstanding program offers courses surveying the historical development of English and American literature as well as advanced seminars offering an interdisciplinary perspective.

The wide range of course offerings covers such topics as women and literature, Jewish American writers, Jewish interpretive theory, African American literature, Milton, modern poetry, Renaissance literature, autobiography, Victorian literature and culture, Gothic fiction, detective fiction, narrative theory, and hybrid literatures.

Our program is unique in Israel in offering yearly creative writing and literary translation classes, alongside courses on classic and contemporary literature. Courses are designed to develop your skills of critical reading, complex thinking, and self-expression

Faculty Research Interests

Our advanced courses and graduate mentoring are meant to encourage student research in a wide range of areas. Examples include: nineteenth-century British literature; ethics and literature; education and literature; Holocaust literature and film; memory and nostalgia in literature; Victorian literature; narrative theory; African American literature; seventeenth-century literature, history and theology; early modern feminism; rabbinic epistemology and hermeneutics; generic hybridity; Jewish American thought and writing; Shakespeare; eighteenth-century British literature, history and culture; Gothic and horror writing; popular culture and its relation to the canon; early twentieth-century American literature and culture; immigration and migration; autobiography and memoir.

Career Opportunities

Career possibilities for English literature graduates are diverse: writing and editing, translation, teaching English, and more. In fact, a degree with us gives our graduates an advantage in any role that requires a high level of English, such as marketing, customer relations, communications and more. Our unique MA in English Literature with a focus on literary translation allows students to work with world-class translators on developing their translating skills, while also pursuing high-level studies in the English literary tradition.


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BA Programs

Expanded Major

Double Major

– Unplanned: Combined with another Major from any other department
– Planned with Linguistics (within the department)
– Major at your own pace: Major spread over 5 years

MA Programs

MA: English Literature

  • Research Track: MA with a thesis
  • Regular Track: MA without a thesis

MA: Specializations

  • MA in English Literature, Creative Writing track (optionally with a focus on Literary Translation)


PhD in English Literature, for students interested in advanced research

Our department is small and friendly; we believe it is important that you enjoy not only the content of your studies, but also the atmosphere and interactions with people around you. We do our best to make our students’ experience as pleasant as possible. Our faculty and administrative staff are always available to help with any problem or question.

The Admissions Process

Undergraduate Studies

Admissions Criteria

A high school matriculation (bagrut) diploma including 5 points in the English bagrut with a grade of 85; and 530 general psychometric grade, with 120 on the English part. Students can also be accepted without a psychometric grade if they have a bagrut average of at least 100, including 5 points in the English bagrut with a grade of 85; in this case a grade of 220 on the Amir test or 120 on the English part of the psychometric test is needed.

Graduate Studies

Admissions Criteria

To apply for an MA in English literature, a BA average of at least 85 is required. All MA students in English literature are automatically accepted to the regular track; students who wish to switch to the thesis track may apply to do so at the end of the first year by writing to the graduate coordinator.

Final acceptance decisions and terms of admission are determined by the School of Graduate Studies.

Doctoral Studies

Applicants to doctoral programs can apply for one of three tracks:


  • Regular Track: The applicant has completed an MA with an average of 90 and written a research thesis.
  • Direct Doctorate Track: Intended for high-achieving BA holders capable of undertaking an extended research project at the end of their undergraduate studies and completing it within a four-year period.
  • Combined Doctorate Track: Two years of MA studies followed by four years of doctoral work.

How to Apply

Undergraduate Studies

Applications can be submitted through the Bar-Ilan website. You should receive confirmation that your application is being processed within a few days. About a week after the application is submitted, you will be able to check its status online through the Inbar system.

Graduate Studies

Applications and accompanying documentation are submitted online. Answers will be sent by email.

Doctoral Studies

Applications are submitted online.

For further details, see the School of Graduate Studies informational brochure.

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