An Academic Experience like no other

International MBA is your gateway to global business and entrepreneurship. Our curriculum integrates theory and practice and highlights topical areas such as: corporate valuation and financing, big-data analysis, global market strategizing, innovation and entrepreneurship, business strategy development, business simulations and managing start-ups.

 In addition, the program includes enrichment activities such as workshops, field-trips to Israeli startups and companies, interaction with key business leaders, culminating with our international study tour in China.

Our alumni serve as Founders, CEO’s, and Vice Presidents in Israeli and International companies and organizations.

About MBA studies

The IMBA is an intensive one-year Program, providing Students with the knowledge, tools and skills required to ensure their success in today's international business arena.

As a top-notch degree program, our Program offers a cutting-edge curriculum, outstanding faculty and administrative services, a collegial and committed student community, and an intense yet rewarding academic experience.

Amongst the advantages of our Program:

  • Networking opportunities both locally and internationally.
  • First-hand exposure to Israel as the Start-Up Nation.
  • Participation in a weeklong international study tour.
  • Opportunities to pursue further study in the framework of the Eramsus


Our broad curriculum focuses on such fields as marketing, finance, management, information systems and entrepreneurship, as well as reinforcement of teamwork skills and leadership proficiency.

Amongst our courses one can find:
Service Management and Design
Entrepreneurship: From Idea to Market
Global Management in the Far East – Study Tour Abroad
Valuation of HighTech Startups
Healthcare Startups for the Next Generation
Investing in Emerging Markets
International Entrepreneurship Seminar
Corporate Valuation – High-Tech Startups
Middle East Studies: Economy
International Business Law
Principles of Information Systems

Career Opportunities

Our Program opens the door to numerous exciting career options.

 Our alumni serve as Founders, CEO’s, and Vice Presidents in companies as varied as Oramed (Diabetes Research), Exo (developing alternative protein sources), Our Crowd (Crowd Funding), Moovit (transportation Solutions), KPMG (Financial Services), CheckPoint (computer security), Discount Bank, etc.
With hundreds of alumni hailing from all over the world, the resources offered to our students through networking are their most valuable asset, facilitating their career opportunities once they gain their International MBA degree – and even while studying for it


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International MBA.


Students  who  complete their MBA, and can fulfill the entrance requirements for a Ph.D. are eligible to apply for a Ph.D.

Your MBA at Bar-Ilan University’s International MBA will provide you with a a transformational experience where you’ll learn to think in new ways, expand your network and put you on the path to a successful career.

Bar-Ilan’s faculty members create a network of ideas — one that challenges you to lead with strategic and measurable thinking. Your fellow students provide catalysts for new insights, collaboration, and the start of a lifelong network.. Each student brings expertise to the group, helping those with different experiences and business backgrounds learn from each other.

The Admissions Process

Graduate Studies

Admissions Criteria

Undergraduate degree from a recognized academic institution with a GPA of 76 and higher.

Most departments require an undergraduate GPA that is higher than 76. In addition, the chair of any department can hold entrance exams.

As a rule, students are accepted to graduate degree programs that are in the same field as their undergraduate degree (major or minor). If the advanced degree is in a field that the applicant studied as a minor during his or her BA, prerequisite courses are usually required.

Final acceptance decisions and terms of admission are determined by the School of Graduate Studies.

Doctoral Studies

Applicants to doctoral programs can apply for one of three tracks:

Regular Track: The applicant has completed an MA and written a research thesis.

Direct Doctorate Track: Intended for high-achieving BA holders capable of undertaking an extended research project at the end of their undergraduate studies and completing it within a four-year period.

Combined Doctorate Track: Two years of MA Studies followed by four years of doctoral work.

How to Apply

Graduate Studies

Applications and accompanying documentation are submitted online. Answers will be sent by email.

Doctoral Studies

Applications are submitted online.

For further details, see the School of Graduate Studies informational brochure.

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